The world's first porn metaverse powered by blockchain.

Fully immersible Virtual Reality MetaPorn.

Official address CUMV: 0xC68161DdB4c4B9AF67A996838A2c1eE254C67DF2

Live in the Cumverse Metaverse and interact with other real life players

Cross Platform

To be available on all major VR headsets.

Flirt and build relationships, make out, get jiggy, do whatever you want to do, no rules or limits.


A variety of in-game sex rooms, including: dominatrix beds and chains, brothels, sex shows, strip clubs, glory holes and more.

100% privacy

Completely private, on the Blockchain. Fool the real life wives - no credit card trace.


Show your attributes/ kink preference on public bio to match up with similar interest players. Scroll through characters like Tinder.

In-Game NFT's (fully usable within the Virtual Reality)

  • Avatars/ skins- Buy your own avatar as an NFT, or get a CumVerse avatar for free. Avatars include unique characters (Khaleesi & Lara Croft).
  • Sex toys for pleasure.
  • Breast enhancements and Penis enlarging pills.
  • Virtual land for sexy establishments (rent out or charge an entrance fee if popular enough)
  • Sexy outfits such as latex, nurse, doctor.
Integration of blockchain allows true ownership of digital avatars, sexual products and virtual land/ establishments. In-world creators have access to instant monetization.

Buy and customize your own land. Build any sexy establishment you desire. If your establishment becomes popular, you will be authorized to charge players to enter.

The future of porn.

Public launch of porn metaverse. Built and being fine tuned for launch. Partnership with one of the leading VR technology companies.

Crypto giant Grayscale said the metaverse is a $1 trillion annual revenue opportunity. It comes as pieces of virtual land inside metaverse projects have sold for upwards of $2 million.
Globally, porn is worth over $100 billion annually.
Cyptocurreny market cap is currently close to $2 trillion.

The only logical thing is to combine all 3 into an interactive sex metaverse, powered by the blockchain. First of it's kind. This project will be massive (at least 8 inches).
15 MAY (pre-cum)

Using pink sale (#1 platform for altcoin ICO/IDO launches), and connecting your wallet, participate in the presale using the below pinksale link:

CUMmING SOON 3 JUNE (full bukkake)

Buy Binance coin on BSC using Binance. Create a wallet such as Trust, Token Pocket, Metamask.
Transfer the BSC coin to the wallet.
Connect your wallet to through chrome/ internet explorer. Buy Cumverse tokens using your BSC.